Group Therapy

Get Support & Grow Together

Groups are offered for those looking for support, relating to others, and growth both individually and in relationships.

Each group requires a 2-month commitment. Space is limited.

Singles Process Group

The Singles Process Group is a therapeutic gathering for individuals seeking personal growth, self-discovery, and healthier relationships. It offers a safe space for participants to explore their experiences, patterns, and emotions related to being single, while receiving support, feedback, and guidance from others on a similar journey. The group focuses on fostering self-awareness, improving communication skills, and building confidence for fulfilling relationships.

Couples Support Group

The Couples Support Group is ideal for couples who are looking to gain information on communication patterns, fair fighting, how to apologize, and repeated arguments. Additionally, the group will learn new ways to connect both emotionally and in the bedroom. The group therapy dynamic is perfect for couples who find themselves facing challenges that keep repeating in their relationship as members will find that they are not suffering alone and, most often, other couples are having very similar struggles. As a group, each couple will leave feeling closer and with a deeper understanding of each other than before.

Asexuality Support Group

Asexuality or “ace” for short, is a spectrum of complete or lack of sexual attraction/interest in engaging in sexual activities with others. Togetherness Therapy offers an asexual support group for individuals who identify as asexual, regardless of dating status (single or in a relationship). Like any successful relationship, it requires compromise, understanding, and open communication. In this group, members will feel empowered and understand that they are not alone in the challenges they experience. Members will learn how to navigate dating, form relationships, facilitate open communication, and learn alternatives to sexual activities.

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