Alternative Love Relationships

At Togetherness Therapy, individuals who are exploring the idea of sex or relationships with multiple partners will be met with positivity, understanding, and support for their concerns and goals. Partners who have been in non-monogamous relationships for a while may find therapy a supportive place for redefining boundaries, working on communication skills, and finding ways to become more connected (if feeling distant or neglected).

Additionally, some individuals may find that although they once wanted to be non-monogamous, it’s no longer a lifestyle that suits them. This can be a very conflictual transition where one would benefit from an exploration of their wants, needs, values, and personal boundaries. Therapy can be a safe space to discuss changing boundaries and get clarity on new ways to be in the relationship.

Individual or Non-Monogamous Couples Therapy

Whether you are in a relationship or not, therapy can help you manage your concerns about non-monogamous relationships such as:

– Boundary Disagreements
– Redefining Boundaries
– Communicating with Primary Partner
– Communicating with Metamours
– Comparison
– Couples Issues
– Infidelity or Boundaries Crossed
– Feeling Disconnected
– Feeling Neglected
– Jealousy
– Quality Time & Time Management
– Relationship Structure & Restructures
– Self Exploration
– Sexual Difficulties

Alexandria Holcomb, AMFT

Therapy for those seeking clarity on their non-monogamous relationship(s) will benefit from meeting with Alexandria Holcomb. Alexandria is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, sex and relationship therapist, and non-monogamy specialist. Through her work, clients will discover things about their relationships that are new and surprising, become empowered to make changes, and learn how to connect more deeply with their partners so they have the thriving love that they desire.

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If you’d like to learn more about non-monogamy and how therapy may benefit you, contact Alexandria Holcomb to request a free consultation.

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