Emerald Aueyong

Sex, Relationship, & Rehabilitation Counseling

Associate Professional Clinical Counselor & Certified Rehabilitation Counselor

“Why stigmatize the human experience when we should be embracing it?”

Society tends to ignore harsh realities that people face, which include sex-related difficulties or dysfunctional relationships. Perhaps it is due to lack of knowledge, uncomfortable feelings attached to them, or the tendency to avoid. Regardless of the reason, Emerald’s response to all the taboo and stigma is, “Why stigmatize the human experience when we should be embracing it? After all, it’s only human.”  Oftentimes, “bedroom problems” are rarely discussed, and even when they are, they are not taken seriously. Mental health and sexual health are key components of being human, and it’s saddening how distant we are to these parts of ourselves. Emerald geared her professional and academic training to be the mediator in your relationship to bridge communication, free of shame and embarrassment. Seeking sex therapy shows that you want to improve your sex life and should be seen as an act of willingness and dedication, not failure. 

Emerald’s interest in sex therapy developed as it became more apparent that people need specialized help in this particular aspect of life. Emerald obtained a Master’s Degree in Counseling with an option in rehabilitation counseling at the California State University of Los Angeles (CSULA). Emerald also completed certificates in clinical counseling (CCC) and higher education and career counseling (CHECC) to further her expertise in mental health and academics. As an associate professional clinical counselor (APCC) and certified rehabilitation counselor (CRC), Emerald specializes in working with trauma, disabilities, interracial relationships, inter-abled relationships, asexuality, and sex addiction. Her previous experience consists of working with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), substance use disorders, previously incarcerated individuals, sex offenders, and individuals with co-occuring mental health disorders.

Emerald Aueyong is supervised by Dr. Rossana Sida # 116114

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